Quad City community takes a stand against domestic violence

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ROCK ISLAND - People gathered at Schwiebert Park to remember those who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

Every year the Elephant Club, a group of men striving to be positive role models, holds an event to toss flowers in the river to remember an educate.

Each flower represents a life lost to domestic violence.

"We also don`t always think about the fact that we have people right here in the Quad Cities who have lost someone to domestic violence," said Emily Gordon from Family Resources.

Students from Central High School's drama club performed a skit based on real events.

"Every time I listen to it I choke up, because I know what happened to the lady that I wrote about," said Drama Club Director, Thea IntVeld. She wrote the play about her friend, who was a victim of domestic violence.

Her friend was lucky enough to get away, "If she hadn`t left, I kind of question what would have happened to her?"

However, not everyone is as fortunate, tossing the flowers is a way to remember the lives lost, "It helps us to remember them and memorialized them for those families, but it also helps raise awareness so they`re aren`t so many flowers next year," said Gordon.

So far, this year, family Resources has served more than 1,000 victims of domestic abuse.

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