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Woman looking for answers after her late husband’s memorial plaque goes missing

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EAST MOLINE-- If you walk down the Moline riverfront on Ben Butterworth Parkway, you'll see many memorial plaques along the way.

But one that you won't see is is David Armstrong's.

His wife Linda Lee Armstrong says it's gone missing possibly stolen, washed away from a flood, or buried.

"It was just a memorial for me and what he meant to me,” says Armstrong.

She bought the plaque through the City of Moline to have it installed as part of the city's memorial pathway patio called "Friends of the Parkway."

It used to sit along the Mississippi River, where many come to enjoy biking, running and other outdoor activities.

"We used to walk down there together, and it was just sentimental," says Armstrong.

She called the city to replace it but was told they don't do that anymore.

"It would be nice if they paid it back. And if they don't want to that (it'd) be nice if they compensate for it." says Armstrong.

Even without the refund or replacement, she says she'll make another to keep his memory alive.

"I'd like to put the exact words, and put a plaque somewhere...if nowhere else in public then maybe in my yard," says Armstrong.



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