Colona getting help with coyote problem

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COLONA, Illinois - The Department of Conservation has told the city of Colona that they will send out a conservation biologist to help the city with a coyote problem.

Amber LaMar lives near town and had a close encounter when she was walking her dog, Bandit.

"The coyote started walking over to me and her hair started getting real raised and she started doing this cackling noise," said LaMar.

She didn't know what to do and started running and the coyote chased after.

"Chasing after me, snapping at me, snapping at my dog, growling and she was so close behind me, that I was running and I accidentally kicked her," said LaMar.

She was scared for her life and called police for help.

"I feel like I was extremely lucky that they got there when they did because I couldn't run anymore," said LaMar.

This isn't the first time she's seen coyotes and people in community said they've seen them around town too.

"What I thought, is coyotes were scared of humans, I thought they would stay clear of us, but they're not," said LaMar.

LaMar said running was the wrong thing to do and she should've stood her ground and made loud noices, but she is thankful she and Bandit are safe.

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