Colorado toddler saved after father sees story on dry drowning

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COLORADO — A 2-year-old boy in Colorado is alive today thanks to his father recognizing the symptoms of dry drowning.

According to KTRK in Houston, Texas, the father recognized what was happening after seeing the tragic story of Texas toddler Frankie Delgado, who passed away earlier this month from dry drowning.

Garon Vega, of Colorado, noticed his 2 -year-old son, Gio, was having trouble breathing and had developed a fever after swallowing water while swimming earlier that day.

Having read the story of Delgado and learning the symptoms, Vega rushed his son to the ER.

It turns out Vega was right.

Gio’s father said a doctor told him his son was drowning and would not have made it through the night had he not brought him in.

Occurring prominently in children, symptoms of dry drowning include trouble breathing, persistent coughing, sleepiness, fatigue and vomiting.


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