Local security business speaks out on keeping up with technology for more than 50 years

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DAVENPORT-- For the last 50 years technology has changed the way we communicate, travel, and even the way we protect ourselves and belongings.

Per Mar security company owner Michael Duffy says technology has changed the way his business operates.

From home surveillance to security services, high-tech systems now makeup half of their business.

Before surveillance cameras, Duffy claims they used to patrol around local businesses with their own methods of securing safes.

"Every night when they closed they kept their safe on Federal Avenue right in the front window. They kept a broom up against it, and we'd drive by the patrol car three times a night and if the broom got moved we'd check to see if someone had burglarized the place," says Duffy.

Now, mostly everything is automated, getting more done with less people.

"We continue to automate more and more we're becoming more of a technology company, than a people company," says Duffy.

The demand for security systems keeps increasing partly fueled by the rise in crime.

"With terrorism on the rise burglary and intrusion and lack of integrity that people have...I think you'll see the crime rates continue to increase."

And even though a lot has changed with the company, Duffy says two things that stay the same is the customer service and employees.

Per Mar has six branch locations but satellite locations they are able to operate in thirteen states.