Mobile traffic camera cuts down speeding citations in some residential areas in Muscatine

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MUSCATINE, Iowa--- Muscatine police say they are seeing a drop in the number of speeding citations issued in some residential areas, thanks to their Mobile Speeding Enforcement Vehicle, Wednesday, June 7.

" In certain areas we were noticing anywhere from 200 to 300 citations or potential citations being generated within a 24 hour period… we've seen the numbers drop ( in those same areas) from around the 300 range from maybe 50 or 60,” says Sergeant Vince Motto.

Inside the marked Chevy Sonic car is a camera that photographs cars moving at least 11 miles per hour over the speed limit. Mucatine police started using the car in November, it has since helped police issue 984 speeding citations, generating more than $70,000.

Police park the car in an area that’s received at least one complaint submitted to the department, it then sits for at least 24 hours before it is moved somewhere else. Sergeant Motto says that’s enough time to change the flow of traffic.

“It's more about customer service and making the city safer for all the residents again. That's why we're only looking at it from one complaint, we're not looking for a threshold or having to get several complaints. We want to get out and serve this citizenry as best we can,” says Motto.

The car will be placed off 1500 Washington Street on Monday, June 12.