Davenport woman walks down the aisle with five generations of family in her wedding party

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DAVENPORT--- Susan Brown is getting married and she's getting a lot of help from a special group of bridesmaids.

Her bridal party makes up five generations of family ranging in age from 1 to 96 years old.

'The youngest is Lucy Graves, my granddaughter, she`s 1 my daughter Danielle Graves is 27. Mary Ann (is) my mom and Mary my grandma,” says Brown.
Susan first got the idea from her daughter.

“ I asked her and of course she was excited…I thought Lucy could be the flower girl. Then I called my mom in Florida and I said ‘mom I want you to be my bridesmaid’ and I thought well grandma has to be there too!” says Brown.

It’s a wedding this bridal party says is a dream come true for Susan, after tragedy struck this family just four years ago, she lost her first husband to cancer in 2013.

“I lost my dad, he fought cancer for 6 months and I saw my mom fall and I saw her meet Ed and I saw her rise again she had a light,” says Graves.

They say that’s only brought their family closer.

“You know what it feels like to want somebody here and they`re not here and to have all five generations of us here, I can`t put it into words. It`s just so special that we can be here,” Says Graves.
Susan Brown, now known as Mrs. Cross plans to take a tour of Florida beaches, with her husband for their honeymoon in a couple of months.



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