Photographer in small town Wilton taking senior pictures to the extreme

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WILTON, Iowa - In the small town of Wilton you'll find a photography studio that does things differently than all the rest.

"Seniors are calling from all over the country wanting to schedule sessions," said Ben Shirk, owner of Shirk Photography.

At Shirk Photography they're taking senior pictures to the extreme.

"We do a lot of stuff in studio on green screen and then can create some very graphic, unique images that look more like a Nike or Under Armour ad," said Shirk.

Bettendorf senior Eleanor Drexler got pictures taken that show her passion of sports, coming to life.

"Some kind of really epic action shot that captures their abilities and movements," said Shirk.

Shirk said he's been doing photos like this for about the past 10 years and his creative wheels are always spinning.

"The mind is like a muscle and the more you work with it and the more time you spend being creative and practicing being creative and around creative people, kind of builds that creativity," said Shirk.

He's even taken his work to competitions all over the world.

"This particular one won a lot of major international competitions," said Shirk.

But for Shirk, his work all started with family.

"I got started because I wanted to take pictures of my son and I kind of created my own artwork for my home," said Shirk.

And now he continues creating breath taking pieces of art in the town where he grew up.