Garage door app gives homeowners sense of safety and control

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BETTENDORF - People in the Quad Cities are being extra cautious since a rash of cars were stolen.

"I lock my car when it's sitting in my driveway now, I never used to do that," said homeowner Mary Baetke.

Baetke remembers a time when she never even thought of locking her doors.

"It's not like the olden days when you could leave your doors unlocked or your kids could play out in the front," said Baetke.

With times changing, so is technology, at Barron Equipment they take safety measures one step further.

"With this technology, you're able to have confidence and feel safer when you leave," said Jose Garcia, Marketing Manager at Barron Equipment.

There's an app called MyQ that lets people control their garage door.

"You're able to open and close your garage door, know how long it's been open," said Garcia.

Baetke doesn't have the app but thinks it's a good idea, she'll continue to make sure her garage and car are locked.

"Take that extra step just to think just a little bit, that can save from a home break in or someone stealing your car," said Baetke.

The app is free to download but it can cost anywhere from $400 to $500 to get the security system installed.

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