Dog left at Henry County Humane Society gaining national attention

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GENESEO — With nothing but a handwritten note, a Labradoodle named Buddy was found in a small cage outside of a new shelter in Geneseo, Ill.

The story, first reported by the Geneseo Republic, was picked up and featured on, the website for the largely popular People Magazine.

The note left with Buddy began with an introduction and then went on to explain that he had outgrown the apartment he lived in and needed a yard to run in.

But while Buddy’s story is heartbreaking, it is not uncommon.

The Henry County Humane Society hopes this story will bring attention to all abandoned animals.

The shelter urges anyone who finds an abandoned or injured animal or who finds themselves in a desperate situation with their own pet to call their local animal control.

“They are there to help and have the experience to work with these animals,” said a worker at the Henry County Humane Society.

The shelter is no longer accepting applications for Buddy’s adoption but you can find a list of the other animals in need of a home on the shelter’s website.





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