Women getting more recognition at the Quad Cities Criterium

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DAVENPORT - The pro women cyclists at the Quad Cities Criterium have the need for speed.

"The evolution of women cycling over those ten years has been amazing for me to watch, from small fields up to a field like this," said Jeannie Kuhajek, cyclist.

The women had a 40 minute race through the Village of East Davenport.

"It's so great that more women are getting involved with cycling," said Heather Havilend, cyclist.

The women on wheels are also making history at the Criterium.

"We're equalizing the prizes for the men and women pros, so top four all get the same money," said John Harrington, Organizer for Quad Cities Criterium.

A step in the right direction for these cyclists that train hard to compete.

"It's really great in the movement of gender equality for women in cycling... as we're starting to get more equalized pay, equalized opportunities," said Kuhajek.

Around 30 women competed, which was twice as many as the previous year.

"It's exciting because there's more and more women in the cycling world that are putting a map on cycling in general," said Havilend.

These ladies finally starting to get the respect they deserve.

"I had the crowd behind me, everybody was cheering for me, I had so many friends out there cheering me on," said Kuhajek.

Winning with equal pay to men in a sport that only continues to grow.