Families on the Arsenal remember loved ones lost during Memorial Day ceremony

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ROCK ISLAND---Another year on Memorial Day is another heartbreak for families who lost a loved one to war.
"My husband staff Sargent Nathan cox he was killed in September 20, 2008 and his body was flown back here and he's buried here on the Arsenal," says Annie Cox widow of Army Sargent Nathan Cox.

After his death in Afghanistan she and her family place fresh flowers on his grave during the Rock Island National Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony.

Remembering their lives together and thanking him for the sacrifice he made almost 10 years ago.

"I’m very proud of him, however the end result is very hurtful. That doesn’t mean that I don’t support our military because I do,” says Cox.

It's a price many in the Quad Cities have come to know. They come to pay their respects on the Arsenal.

"That's why we have this day to bring some emotions and reminders back to folks of who's actually defending our freedom," says Davenport Alderman Mike Watson.

For the men and women in uniform. The ones that are still around, and the ones whose memory will live on by the ones who love them most.

" It's a great place here they give a lot of support to all the families, says Cox.

Nathan Cox attended Central High School in Davenport, he served in the Army for over three years.