Sherrard graduates hold memorial for students killed before graduation

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Sherrard, Illinois-- As the class of 2017 lines up to take their graduation seats at Sherrard High School, they leave two chairs open.

During the ceremony students remembered Holli Harker and Brady Weber.

Weber was killed in a car accident almost two weeks before getting his diploma and Harker died in a fire in 2013, both would have graduated with their senior high school class Sunday, May 28.

"It was hard at first because I was thinking it should have been him sitting there but I was glad they did that it hit real hard in the heart... I was glad they did that to make it known that that should have been his chair than just giving us the diploma," says Britney Weber, Brady's sister.

Families of both students were given honorary diplomas.

Jaynie Henry was also awarded a memorial scholarship in honor of her childhood friend Holli. She plans to use the money towards her first year of college, she want to be a nurse.

Henry, a volunteer at the local fire department says Holli, played a major role in her career choice.

"'I actually joined the fire station because of her and so every day when I look out my window I see the fire station ----she has a huge impact in my life," says Henry.


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