Chewy, Gooey, Chunky, Hunky and Chubby. World’s biggest biscuit!

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NEW ORLEANS - Something sacred is happening at New Orleans St. Anna's Episcopal Church.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says it looks sacred. But it smells like something else.

It smells like biscuits.  But not just any biscuits.  Big biscuits. Big enough to have their own zip code. Their own fan club.

According to the creative genius behind the biscuits, Chef Shelley Everett, the biscuits already have their own fan club.

The fan club moved with Chef Shelley when she moved from New York to New Orleans a few years ago.

Chef Shelley moved the club and her biscuit making machine which runs from the kitchen she rents in the back of New Orleans St. Anna's Episcopal Church.

Her holy recipes reveal a biscuit good enough to serve a saint.

Wild Bill asks her, "what name do you give your biscuits?"

She's says, the Chubby Biscuit.  Chef Shelley sells her super-sized biscuits Sundays at the French Market.

Her son Legend is there to help.

It's a noble line of work particularly for people who bite into larger than life biscuits and get a bite of mac-n-cheese or salmon and sausage or peanut butter and jelly.

Also on the menu: chocolate-caramel-pecan, cinnamon swirl with Fireball-soaked raisins and for a biscuit of a dessert, try the cranberry-orange-rosemary.

One biscuit has an entire bacon cheeseburger baked inside!

It's big. It's a lot of love.

Nothing says love like a biscuit, big enough to deserve its own zip code.

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