‘No pets allowed’ in some areas at the farmers market this season

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DAVENPORT--  You may soon start to notice more "no pets allowed" signs at the Freight House Farmers Market.

To enforce a FDA food code, no pets will be allowed on the markets patio and deck.

Farmer's market Chairman Patrick Connor says due to the code, pets can't be in areas where people are eating with the exception of licensed service dogs.

The code isn't anything new in Iowa, only that the Scott County Health Department is now cracking down on it making sure the market is following protocol.

"The ruling came down that we have to enforce no dogs, other than service dogs, on the patio and the deck area," says Farmer's Market Chairman Patrick Connor.

But he says the farmer's market will remain pet friendly and do as much as they can for pet owners.

"We may try to expand a seating area outside to the grass area outside…away from the food area to accommodate people with dogs," says Connor.

Vendor and dog owner Craig Ineichen says he doesn't mind pets around the lot area and can see why the code is being enforced.

"I can understand... they’re serving food up there. They don’t want dogs around. (They could) jump on somebody's table or have an accident while somebody is eating(with) dog hair floating around,"says Ineichen.

He says the farmer's market is a great place to bond with your furry companion that's more than just a pet.

"Most pet owners treat... their pets as kids. And you wouldn’t want to leave your kid at home for four hours while you go to the market. It’s nice to be able to bring them with you," says Ineichen.

Both Ineichen and Connor agree that pets that attend the farmers market are perfectly trained.

"I would say 99 percent of the dogs here are well-behaved. I've never seen an issue with dogs getting in fights with other dogs or interrupting sales," says Ineichen.