Congresswoman Bustos releases statement on President Trump’s proposed budget

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Rep. Cheri Bustos

ILLINOIS —¬†The White House released President Trump’s budget yesterday, May 23, in a plan called “The New Foundation for American Greatness.”

Illinois representative Cheri Bustos is sharing her distaste with the newly proposed budget.

“What he has shown is that rural America is just about at the bottom of his list,” said Bustos.

Bustos also pointed out that the cuts to the rural development program would result in fewer jobs in small communities that are already struggling.

While there have been plenty of skeptics of the budget, Trump’s budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, was quick to defend the plan.

Mulvaney ensured that they could go line by line through the budget and justify each and every one to the people who are actually paying for it.

The plan is supposed to bring balance back to the budget by 2027.

Bustos is not convinced.

“…I’m left wondering how a budget that would destroy our family farmers¬†would make anything great again,” said Bustos.

You can see her full statement below.

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