GMQC Road Trip: Quad Cities to Pennsylvania

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Good morning from Bedford, Pennsylvania! Before we set sail on our great adventure, we had to have some extensive training. We’re sparing you the details on the difference between “Gray Water” and “Black Water,” but I bet you already know.

Day one of our GMQC Road Trip was quite an adventure. We went 711 miles, mainly on I-80 from Moline, Illinois to our first stop for gas in South Bend, Indiana. The gas station attendant, peering out to the RV, decked out with GMQC logos, said “What are you guys doing here?” We replied, “Just passing through.”

We kept moving east on the Indiana Toll Road, which became the Ohio Turnpike, which became the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Somewhere around Pittsburgh, our resident chef and photojournalist Brandon Green, started cooking steaks. Steaks on an RV trip? Of course! Check out the video below to see his unique cooking method. And let me tell you, when they came off the grill at the campsite, they were spectacular!

A few miles east of Pittsburgh, we took the RV through the first tunnel of the trip, ending for the night at Friendship Village Campground in Bedford, Pennsylvania. This place was a wonderful place to stay! Ken, and his crew have acre, upon acre of rolling hills, complete with a lake and a swimming pool. Too bad we couldn’t spend more time here!

But we’re on the road for Day #2. We have a lot more packed into today’s adventure. Instead of driving straight-through, we’re planning some photo-ops, more bridges, and tunnels.

Tonight, we will be very close to where we will be broadcasting live for Monday morning’s Good Morning Quad Cities.

Thanks for following along!

We are posting a lot of things on both the WQAD and my own WQAD Eric Sorensen Facebook page. Otherwise, I hope you’re watching Monday morning.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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