Luke Bryan spends time in Matherville

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MATHERVILLE, Illinois-- For one small town on the outskirts of the Quad Cities it's not everyday a celebrity comes to visit.

But in the area of Matherville Illinois, one of country's biggest stars, Luke Bryan, is rumored to spend time there while performing in the city.

The people of Matherville say during certain visits he spends his time hunting and fishing.

"He's a down to earth guy and just comes out here to go deer hunting," says one local at the Little Matherville Store.

Employee and super fan Nina Gates says she's heard of the country singer visiting the area but has yet to run into him.

"I would try to really compose myself but I would probably be dying on the inside," says Gates if she ever got the chance to meet Bryan.

Gates says the small town vibe gives the celebrity a better change at keeping a low profile.

"(It's a) small town not very many people would be like, oh my God. He can hide out a little better here," says Gates.

Some say he's unrecognizable when he comes and visits. As he always wears a cap to be incognito.

"We're all down to earth small town country folk and I know he sings about that kind of people and he likes that kind of life and that's what we are about out here," says Gates.

Bryan performed twice at the iWireless center in Moline, on May 18th and 19th.





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