Severe storms destroy Swedona family’s brand new home

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SWEDONA, Illinois - A family in Swedona are picking up the pieces after Wednesday's storm ripped through the town.

The Anderson family must now rebuild their dream home they’ve only lived in for a few months.

Their home is so new. they haven't even made their first mortgage payment.

“We went through the process of building and now we have to start over,” said Lorena Anderson.

Anderson says when the storm hit, she didn't know if she and her family would survive.

“I literally thought we weren't going to make it,” said Anderson.

Winds of over 60 miles an hour blew through town. The Anderson`s home sat right in its path.

“My husband saw stuff flying and said we need to get to the basement now,” said Anderson. “We got to the bottom of the stairs and the French doors just blew open.”

Anderson’s five-year-old daughter, Addyson was scared to death.

“It was dark and scary,” said Addyson.

The family's brand new home is now without a roof and their belongings are destroyed, but what hasn't been broken is the Anderson’s faith.

“We can always pick up the pieces and start over,” said Anderson

The damage in Swedona is part of more than 300 severe weather reports through the national weather service in the Midwest on May 17.

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