Galesburg family provides free lawn care for elderly and military members

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GALESBURG, Illinois - This family business is going above and beyond to provide great lawn care, and they're doing it for free.

If you want to have the best-looking yard in town, you call CheapCutz.

Hector Cantu, along with his younger brothers Ricky and Reuben and his son Anthony, started a side job doing lawn care.

Hector decided he wanted his family to get more out of the experience than just money. "I just want them to grow up and see that this world isn`t perfect, it's hard to make a dollar and people need help," said Hector.

So he decided they would mow seniors and military members yards for free.

For Robert Brand, his backyard is his sanctuary.

"This is my church, it's my treasure," said Brand.

Brand is a Korean War Veteran that is now wheelchair bound. Yard work isn't an option for him anymore.

"I can no longer walk. I can't do that anymore," said Brand.

Not only did CheapCutz mow his lawn, they cleaned up Brand's backyard.

"I wish you could have seen my yard the first time they did it. They did a spring cleaning. It was a mess," said Brand.

For Hector he's teaching his family there's more to life than money.

"They`re giving to people that really need their help, and that is a treasure," said Brand.

Right now, they have 60 yards they take care of. Hector says they had to take down their fliers because they were getting so many requests.


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