Community Health Care prepares to take on more patients after Quad Cities Planned Parenthood closes

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DAVENPORT - Planned Parenthood has announced the closings of four Iowa health centers, including it's location in Bettendorf.

"We knew there would be an impact certainly on Planned Parenthood's, so we've been trying to prepare for that," said Tom Bowman, CEO Community Health Care.

Community Health Care has locations all over the Quad Cities and they're getting ready to take on more clients, they provide many of the same affordable health care services for women.

"We do birth control, we do women's health, annual physicals, pregnancy screenings... we don't perform abortive services, so that's one difference," said Bowman.

Lawmakers replaced a federal medicaid family planning program with a state program, blocking money from clinics that perform abortions.

That forced the Bettendorf, Keokuk, Sioux City and Burlington Planned Parenthood branches to close.

"It's a little scary because we don't know the total number of patients that we'd be talking about, how many would choose to come to CHC," said Bowman.

Community Health Care currently has some room to take on more clients.

"Our rule here is, to look for gaps in care and we're gonna make sure that women have access to care," said Bowman.

They'll do what they can to serve those who can no longer go to Planned Parenthood.

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