Chef Scott: Tofu and Veggies

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BETTENDORF – "You ask for it, you got it."

Chef Brad Scott, the head of Scott Community College's Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Center, says this recipe mixes two important things:  healthy eating and easy clean up after.

"A lot of people have asked me about doing some more vegetarian dishes and I've got a dish that's just out of this world," says Chef Scott.

1. Cut tofu into small squares (1/4 cup per person)
2. Heat wok or frying dish to a hot temperature
3. Add 2 tbsp of chef's butter (a 40/50 mix of butter and margarine)
4. Add 1 tbsp olive oil
5. Once it's hot, add tofu to the pan, searing it for 2 to 3 minutes
6. Add dollop of curry paste
7. Add 1 tsp salt
8. Add 1 tsp chopped ginger
9. Stir in chopped mushrooms
10. Add braised sprouts (cut in half)
11. Add asparagus and onions
12. Add broccoli
13. Add butter for taste
14. Add 1 tsp Sriracha sauce
15. Add mint (optional)
16. Add 1/4 cup peanuts
17. Finish with 2 tbsp honey to eliminate bitterness
18. Stir for 2 additional minutes

"This is very low-cal and, again, one pan cooking," says Chef Scott.

"Add a little orange zest just to give it a little citrus flavor."