Mid City high school students grow their own produce right behind their school

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DAVENPORT– Students at Mid-City High School are breaking out the shovels instead of pencils.

As part of their Urban Farm Project they are growing fresh produce right behind their school.

From greens, grapes, potatoes, tomatoes to other variety of leafy greens and fruits.

Science teacher Lynn Meyer says the point of the project is to get students on of the classroom and to get more hands on training.

“There’s a lot of leadership skills in what we do it’s not just about putting a potato in the ground,” says Lynn.

Students break into groups and research on how to properly grow their produce of choice.

For student Daniel Wadden, it’s projects like these that help him get a head start of his career.

“I like it and I really connect with it cause I’m really outdoorsy. And it gets my energy out, be hands on, and take charge of something and see it have actual difference in the community.”

Last year the students grew about 8 to 10 tons of food. The produce then is given out to students and the community to take home.


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