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Pack your warm clothes if you’re driving east for Mother’s Day

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We are gearing up for an absolutely beautiful weekend! Today will be mostly sunny with an outside chance of a sprinkle. Temps up to 73 degrees.

Continued warming is likely for the weekend with highs into the upper 70s on Saturday and lower 80s on Sunday. But while we warm up, it won’t be the same for locations east of the Quad Cities. Temperatures will be in the 70s for the City of Chicago on Saturday, but 40s are likely for Mother’s Day. It all has to do with the wind direction and a stiffer northeasterly wind will bring cool conditions, not only to Chicago, but Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Lake Geneva.

So if you’re headed east for Mother’s Day, prepare and pack for some cooler temperatures. People might think you’re crazy by packing jackets and coats with 80s in our forecast, but you’ll be more comfortable when you get there.

Happy Mother’s Day! -Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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