Galesburg driver accused of trying to kill retired Galesburg police captain

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GALESBURG, Ill.-- You can buy all the safety gadgets you want, but you can't put a price on a life.

"It could have been me. You know, she could have pulled up next to me, so it definitely hits home," says Run & Ride bike shop owner Drew Kleine.

It's a reality Andy Tolle, a Galesburg cyclist is facing after a near death experience.

"We see each other a lot, we're like family. It's devastating," says Jeremy Karlin.

Karlin is part of Cyclists of Galesburg, the same bike club Tolle cycles with.

On Tuesday morning, Tolle says he was riding his bike when a red Jeep pulled up next to him and started yelling at him. She then rammed his bike twice from the back, knocking Tolle off into the road. She then ran over Tolle and drove off.

"He's a very strong, experienced cyclist. He knows what he's doing out on the road," says Karlin.

Police say Jacqueline Wells, also from Galesburg, ran over Tolle. She's in jail facing a list of charges, the most serious being attempted murder.

But the thoughts of many of these riders are with Andy Tolle right now.

"We're all pulling for him, and hopefully we'll see him out on the road again soon," says Karlin.

"I hope he has a very speedy recovery. I'm just glad to hear he's okay," says Kleine.

Kleine and Karlin, fellow cyclists say they have a message for drivers too. They say cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers, and they are allowed to be on the road.

"Hopefully this brings awareness to motorists out there. There are cyclists on the roads, we are allowed to be where we are and just be mindful of riders out there," says Kleine.

Tolle is recovering at Saint Francis Hospital in Peoria, Illinois.