Eldridge police suspect car theft trends to move to smaller towns

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa--- Eldridge Police say a spike in car thefts in the Quad Cities may be spilling over to their community.

Eldridge officers went after a stolen car Tuesday but pulled back when the car headed into Davenport. Just like police in immediate Quad Cities, Eldridge officers normally will not engage in a high speed chase.

Cars are reported stolen at a rate of two per day in the Quad Cities. Police hope smaller towns will pay attention to the trend.

"We keep continuing to grow and the problems keep growing along with it. A lot of people are creatures of habit, where I shouldn't have to lock my car, or I shouldn't have to lock my house but the reality is you're making yourself a victim," says Chief of Police David Kopatich.

There have only been two reports of stolen cars in Eldridge this year. Police say the most recent case likely involved a teenager.