Moline picks new city administrator, how much they make

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MOLINE-- Moline now has a new city administrator.

Douglas Maxeiner will now fill the position recently held by Lew Steinbrecher. Maxeiner already has 12 years of experience serving as a city administrator for three other Illinois communities.

He's expected to officially start June 12.

"We'd like to see some continued success with the economic development efforts in the downtown. I need to get up to speed in all of those. I know the board is anxious to see residential development so we'd like to see some activity in that right out of the gate as well."

Moline is still in the market for a new city clerk.

While Moline just filled its position, Rock Island is looking to do the same in the next few weeks for a city administrator.

Leaders say hiring takes time and money, tax dollars.

In Moline Maxeiner will make more than $157,000 a year. He will also get an allowance of $40 a month for a phone and $400 a month for a car. Within the first year he'll get four weeks of paid vacation and 12 sick days.

Let's compare that to former Rock Island City Administrator Thomas Thomas.

He made more than $162,000 a year. The city gave him a car to use, and he got three weeks paid vacation, five personal days and twelve sick days.

News 8 did reach out to East Moline to see what the city administrator makes over there. City employees tell us we have to put in a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act to get that public information.



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