Victim of weekend car theft still missing a few items after getting her car back

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DAVENPORT-- Aticia Jackson is picking up the pieces after several teens broke into her car over the weekend.

"They threw some of my stuff in the drive way, some down the street and some down the corner."

Police arrested and charged four suspected teens for stealing the Acura MDX and using it to commit multiple robberies across the city, but police are looking for at least three more people involved.

Jackson is not exactly sure how the group was able to take her car, but she says, she had her keys at the the time of the theft. The Davenport Police Department later confirmed a set of keys were found in the car's ignition when the it was recovered.

Davenport police policy does not normally allow officers to engage in a car chase, especially when minors are involved however police say the multiple charges of forcible felonies allowed them to follow the car.

Jackson's car has minor scrapes and dents from the teens and she's still missing headphones and a few more personal items from the incident. She says she was more upset that parents were not around to keep the suspected teens at home.

"Any parent that thinks its okay for their parent not to come home at night or for them not to know where they're at it's ridiculous," she says.

Boots on the Ground founder Elder Daniel Teague says the lack of parent and community involvement also raised a few red flags for him.

"It's better to turn (the teens involved) in and get help, than to set up funeral arrangements at this point. We all have to get more involved," he says.