Moline public works directs weekend traffic off John Deere Road after sporting events

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MOLINE-- City crews are working with the Moline Police Department to keep an eye on weekend traffic jams at construction sites near 60th and John Deere Road Saturday, May 6.

Both parties will be stationed in different points of the intersection to direct traffic, public works crews will also manually operate traffic lights, if need be.

"A couple weeks ago before we started this, it would take (cars) 20 to 30 minutes just to get from Sam's Club to 70th street. Now we got it down to where we can get them out pretty quickly," says Gary Baker, Moline traffic operator.

Baker says the congestion in this intersection is particularly bad during sporting events at the Greenvalley Sports Complex. This weekend about 40 girls' softball teams will compete in the Quad City Lady Hitmen Classic tournament at the complex, bringing hundreds of extra cars to the area.

"If we weren't stop timing and letting things flow like we are, then (traffic) would be backed up in all four directions and nobody would be happy," says Baker.

Crews were mostly active in the morning to direct traffic buildup from previous soccer games. They will continue to monitor traffic Sunday, May 7.

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