Minnesota man found guilty of assaulting Davenport woman

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DAVENPORT — A jury convicted a Minnesota man of sexually assaulting a Davenport woman in June of 2015, less than one year after he’d been released from prison for another sexual assault.

The trial of Kenith L. Lewis, 52, of St. Paul, wrapped up in Scott County District Court on Thursday, May 3 with a guilty verdict on charges of  first degree burglary and third degree sexual abuse.

Testimony during the trial proved Lewis sexually assaulted the woman after illegally entering her house while she slept. Lewis then forced the victim to shower in front of him before spraying her with a bottle of cleaning product found in the home.

This was not the first time Lewis has been convicted of sexual abuse crimes.

He was arrested and convicted of two counts of second degree sexual abuse back in 1991 and spent 23 years in prison before being released in the fall of 2014.

Because Lewis was required to provide a DNA sample as a convicted felon, his profile in the FBI CODIS system proved a match to the DNA left behind in the 2015 crime.

With prior convictions on his record he could face a sentence of life without parole following the conviction. He is scheduled to be sentenced on June 22nd.