Antique shop re-opens in Clinton after the owner was attacked with a pickaxe

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CLINTON, Iowa - The Gazebo Antiques and Collectibles has re-opened after the owner was attacked by a woman with a pickaxe on Friday, February 10th.

Bill and Becky Conley, the owners of the store, remember what happened almost three months ago that afternoon shortly after 3 p.m.

"It just came out of nowhere it was a Friday afternoon we'd had a good day," said Becky.

The couple never expected that their good day was soon going to take a turn for the worst.

"The gal came in, picked up a pickaxe we had for sale," said Bill. "I watched her on the cameras that we have here in the store, she proceeded to go to the southwest corner and began swinging the pickaxe."

That's when Bill said Becky ran out of the store for help and 25-year-old Cassandra Doran, came after him.

"She said let go, that's the only thing she ever said, meaning let go of the pickaxe, I said no way," said Bill.

He fought for his life that day, and got a broken jaw and six or seven stab wounds from the pickaxe.

For Bill, being able to open his doors on May 4th has an extra special meaning for him.

"It must seem odd to have our re-opening on a Thursday but it`s because it was May 4th, my birthday," said Bill.

It's Bill's 70th birthday and the greatest gift he's received is getting back on his feet and continue his passion of selling antiques.

"If I'm writing a fairy-tale ending, that was not the ending I had in mine, so that chapter is yet to be written," said Bill.

Doran has since been charged with attempted murder and has been ordered to have a mental health evaluation to determine if she's competent to stand trial.

Full interview of Bill describing the pickaxe attack: