More volunteers are needed to fly out with veterans on honor flight to D.C.

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DAVENPORT-- A growing number of veterans on honor flights means more need for guardians to fly with them to the nations capitol.

Guardians are tasked to accompany veterans to fly out Washington D.C.

Honor Flight of the Quad Cities Hub Director Steve Garrington says there is honor in escorting Vietnam and Korean Veterans to Washington D.C. as well as a big responsibility.

Training before the big flight is mandatory. That includes checking for dehydration,pushing wheelchairs, watching for tripping hazards and falls, and overall taking care of the veterans.

"Most veterans will need a wheelchair at least part of the day," says Garrington.

He says guardians must meet a lifting requirement to help them in and out of their wheelchairs.

But he says despite of all the physical work it's an experience to cherish.

"It's an honor and a responsibility and a chance of a lifetime really to go there. To be there with someone who's been in Vietnam who's been in Korea who was on the ship off shore," says Garrington.

The next honor flight will be on May 4th and guardians for that flight are filled up.

But Garrington says they will definitely need more people to volunteer during the upcoming flights in the summer.

To learn more about how you can apply to become a guardian click HERE.







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