Orion’s Lee piles up Division 1 offers

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Logan Lee is one of the fastest rising college football recruits in the entire Midwest.  It's his potential that has coaches from all over flocking to Orion, Illinois.

"The 1st week i got Iowa, then the next 2 days I got Michigan, and then the next 2 days i got Illinois," explained Lee.

"This is Ohio State to get some in get some info," head coach Chip Filler explains while searching throuh text messages.  "Coach Ford from Missouri, they'll be stopping by on Thursday.  Coach Burton from Michigan State."

Orion sophomore Logan Lee has 7 major Division 1 offers, and counting.

It started just  2 months ago with a visit to and offer from Kirk Ferentz and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

"The 1st one is the 1st one after that it doesn't get much worse," admitted Lee  "I'm still in shock.  Each and every 1 is just so overwhelming.  It doesn't happen around here"

It's quite a feat for a 16 year old tight end who caught  just 9 passes last season.  In fact Lee made most his noise on the wrestling mat,  winning a state title in his 1st year wrestling.

"It doesn't matter who you are or where you're at these schools will find you," explains Filler.  "This happened for him not because of those 9 catches but because of the man he is and the man he's becoming."

"Coach Ferentz talked about once they offered and they are very particular about offering proceess and they don't usually offer kids as sophomores other schools will see that and offer on the spot," says Lee.

And that's exactly what happened, but while the offer list grows, so too does Lee's motivation.

"I know what it took to get here and I don't want to lose any of this.   I don't want anybody to 2nd guess anything because i'm trying to prove myself each and every day."