AAA now offering roadside assistance to bicyclists

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Starting May 1st bicyclists who find themselves in a bind during a ride can call AAA for help.

The Auto Club is offering free bicycle roadside assistance to their members, according to an article published by RAGBRAI.  AAA Service Technicians will go pick up cyclists that they can reach from an accessible road or parking lot.

From there, service techs will take the rider and their bike to a safe location. The span of distance the tech will travel is dependent on the biker’s membership plan. Classic members will be transported up to five miles, Plus members up to 100 miles,and Premier members up to 200 miles.

To take advantage of the service, members must:

  • Be present
  • Have a valid AAA card
  • Be using a two-wheeled bicycle
  • Be on a normally-traveled road or street

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