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Dozens of QC locals trained to handle a natural disaster

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EAST MOLINE-- More than a dozen people trained to handle a natural disaster on April 29th.

The training took place at Zion Lutheran Church.

A church-wide disaster response program called LERT or Lutheran Early Response Team hosted the event.

The training taught volunteers how to handle things like clean-up and comforting those in times of a devastating disaster.

"In this part of the country, tornadoes are always a possibility and not only are the people are trained here in the quad cities able to help people in the quad cities, but if something were to happen even in downstate somewhere they could also go down and help there," says Pastor Thomas Heren from Central Illinois.

Heren led the event giving Quad City volunteers the proper tools and lessons on handling disasters encouraging others to join.

More than 100 LERT volunteers converged on the church and used it as their base of operations after a year ago, a tornado tore through the Quad Cities.

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