Fidget Spinners becoming a distraction in the classroom for some school districts

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ELDRIDGE, Iowa - - There's a new fad among students that has been causing a distraction in the classroom.

Fidget Spinners fit between two fingers and have become popular among kids at North Scott Junior High and across the country.

"Over the last couple of months, we've seen an increase of the fidget devices coming for just any student," said Joe Stutting, Superintendent of North Scott Schools.

Critics say its the noise the device makes that's distracting to teachers and other students in the classroom.

"If you can just imagine... having 10 or 15 kids sitting doing this throughout the class, and other kids watching that spin, spinning it different ways," said Stutting.

The maker of the device says they were designed to help calm kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety or other similar issues. But they have exploded into popularity among all students. At North Scott, administrators are the final arbiters of who is allowed to use them and who is not.T

"When the student needs it and it's part of their plan, absolutely, we figure out what is it that helps them for their education," said Stutting.

The problem the district has seen is students who don't need them using them as toys in the classroom.

"Our rule is (the same) at the junior high and our elementary... you`re not allowed to have them out," said Stutting.

The district said this isn't the first time they've seen a craze like this.

"We've had lots of fads like this, whether it`s Pokemon cards or wheels attached to shoes or fidget devices, things happen, things become popular that are easy to bring into school," said Stutting.

They hope that this one will soon come to an end.

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