Midday shower possible, big storms not far off tomorrow

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Yesterday and today will be equally warm with highs in the 75-80 degree range. While a midday shower can't be ruled out, especially west of the Quad Cities, most spots should remain dry today. Highs will reach into the middle and upper 70s with increasing humidity levels.

Showers and thunderstorms are likely after midnight tonight with overnight lows around 60 degrees. Off and on storm activity for Wednesday with highs around 70 degrees. Some pockets of heavy rain are possible as well. Severe storms will be possible just to the south of the Quad Cities late in the day with a  threat of some high winds. I wouldn't be surprised if a Severe Storm Watch is placed for much of Central Illinois on Wednesday. For us, we probably won't get the dynamics needed for widespread severe. We'll watch it nonetheless.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen