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Illinois State Police using speed enforcement van to keep people safe in construction zones

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COLONA, IL - It's not the typical way for Illinois State Police to give out a speeding ticket, it's a van that sits in a construction zone capturing the speed of driver after driver.

"They've got two sets of cameras, one in the front, one in the back, where they'll be able to take a picture of the front license plate, they'll be able to take a picture of the driver and then they'll take a picture of the back license plate," said Trooper Jason Wilson, Illinois State Police.

There's also a sign on top of the van to show drivers how fast they're going in hopes to get them to slow down.

"They found that most of the fatalities, it's not the construction workers, it's actually the motorists going through the road ways or through the construction zone," said Trooper Wilson.

If a driver goes too fast through a construction zone, they'll see blinking lights on the van which means they'll see a hefty fine.

"The expense of it is the normal $375 for the speed within a construction zone," said Trooper Wilson.

The van doesn't sit in construction zone to rack up citations.

"They do actually see a huge decrease in a lot of motorists as they're coming into the construction zone," said Trooper Wilson.

The goal is to get drivers to slow down to protect people working and driving in construction zones.

Illinois State Police said they'll have the van for a couple more months in different construction zones around the Quad City area.