Davenport City Council to hold special election to fill Bill Boom’s vacant seat

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DAVENPORT-- The question for the council is how to replace a disgraced alderman.

Last week Bill Boom resigned after admitting to lying under oath during a federal grand jury investigation into a man who was selling drugs out of Boom's home.

Aldermen decided to hold an election within a few weeks even though that position will be back on the ballot this fall. The special election will cost taxpayers roughly $10,000.

"That's democracy. That's how politics works. Sometimes it's not clean and nice. People will be campaigning one after another, and that's how it is," says Alderman Rita Rawson.

But it could get even messier. If more than two people decide to run, there would need to be a primary as soon as July, then a second election in August. And a fall election could come as soon as October, just two months later.

"You would essentially have a candidate who is running for election for the next six months, and in my opinion, the people of the third ward aren't served as well with that scenario," says Alderman Kyle Gripp.

This council already know there's a lot of interest to fill this empty chair. And that could be a good thing rather than a messy one.

"Good competition gets you good aldermen, and that's what we want," says Gripp.

The Scott County Auditor was at the meeting and supported the special election decision. She says she has already seen people campaigning for the open spot.

A formal resolution will be passed by council to send to the auditor's office at the Wednesday meeting on May 3, 2017.