Bettendorf man gains notoriety with high profile pro sport gate crashing

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BETTENDORF - Two pro sports teams may re-think their security precautions after a Bettendorf man was able to sneak inside two events, once even posing as a security worker.

It's game five of the World Series, Chicago Cubs versus the Cleveland Indians. While thousands stood outside Wrigley Field 18-year-old Luke Zapolski from Bettendorf had a front row seat.

"I had to leave like 2:30 in the morning to get to Chicago at like 7 a.m.," said Zapolski.

Zapolski, who's a freshman at Butler University, came up with a plan to get into the game by making a fake media pass.

"Right when I thought of the plan I`m like 'oh that`s genius.' I knew for a fact I would get in there," said Zapolski.

However, he didn't get in thanks to a media pass. Rather, he was mistaken for part of the security detail.

"This guy asked me 'are you working security?' I`m like yes sir," said Zapolski.

And that's how the person trying to sneak in ended up checking other people's passes.

"The players were walking right by me, I literally had to do security on them," said Zapolski.

That rush of excitement wasn't enough for him. The next time he set his sights on the NBA. Recently the Cavaliers were in Indianapolis, practicing on the Butler campus.

"I take a lap around a building and eventually I see a door propped open," said Zapolski.

He noticed a few Butler basketball players being let into practice, and Zapolski decided to look like one of them.

"I`m 6' 3" and maybe I look like a basketball player," he said.

Zapolski ended up with several selfies with the pros, even the king himself, Lebron James.

While it's not a hobby his parents approve of, "I`m not sure they give it two thumbs up or be like yeah way to go Luke we`re proud of you," Zapolski says he's not worried about getting in trouble.

"I guess the way I live my life is to always push the limit, because you'll be surprised how far you can actually push it," he said.

His actions do come with serious consequences. Zapolski's says at the World Series game he was threatened to be arrested with criminal trespassing and impersonation, both of which are felonies.