Davenport’s Junior Theater needs your help

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DAVENPORT-- Here at Davenport's Junior Theater, everyone has a role to play.

This historic place has been part of the community for decades, and now, they are asking for your help.

"It's time to revamp it, and it's important this program has a home to continue serving kids for the next 30 years," says theater artistic director Daniel Sheridan.

It's a $160,000 renovation that would remodel the theater and everything in it. Here's the deal. If the theater raises $60,000 on their own, the city and county will donate the rest.

"It helps Junior Theater stay alive, and I think that's really important," says Roger Pavey, a participant at the theater of 9 years.

"They teach you the skills to speak clearly and confidently and creatively," says Pavey.

Other actors agree.

"It teaches kids to be brave and bold and be creative. And we've been serving the community for 63 years," says junior actress Grace Hipple.

Now this cast is asking the community to play its role and donate the last $4,500 of the goal.

Because there's no way this theater is ready for the final curtain call.

"It's really not an option. We have to figure out a way to conclude the fundraiser. We are too close to fail," says Sheridan.

The last day donations will be accepted is April 30.

To donate, you can send or drop off money at Davenport's Junior Theater. It's located at 2822 Eastern Avenue, Davenport. Or you can donate on their website here.