Colona city council reverses decision, grants Lazy Dog BarBQ license

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COLONA, Illinois - It's been a month of emotions for Joe Duncan.

"Now I`m not angry anymore. I`m happy," Duncan laughs.

It's back to barbecuing for him after the city, just two weeks ago, denied granting him a business license. Duncan owns Lazy Dog BarBQ and has served food in Colona for 12 years. He operates out of a smoker pulled by his truck and parks in the same spot every year.

"It's been a crazy thing, and I`ve worked really hard to get where I`m at," said Duncan.

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Alderman Rich Holman says he's not against having a mobile food vendor, but if the city is going to have one, he would like to see an ordinance that matches other cities' food vendor ordinances.

"They all have designated areas that they set up in, they all have designated days that they set up in, and that is in order to protect the brick and mortar businesses," said Holman.

The community came out to the city council meeting to support Duncan and his business.

"If you denied him for any other reason then what it stated in the guidelines, to me it feels like its discrimination," said Heather Rice.

Monday night the city council had a change of heart. It voted to take back its original vote and give Duncan a business license.

"I think probably we dropped the ball by not involving Mr. Duncan," said Alderman, Lories Graham.

Ducan is now eager to get back to doing what he loves, "It was tremendous, just tremendous. The feeling is great, I mean what else can I say."

The Lazy Dog BarBQ is set to open from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Tuesday, May 2nd.

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