Zoning regulations creating barrier for homeless services in Davenport

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DAVENPORT - A zoning issue is at the heart of a dispute between a relocated church trying to serve the homeless and city leaders that say their new location is inappropriate.

"Just by the nature of their sign and what it stated... that they provide homeless services told us that they were not in compliance with the code," said Matt Flynn, zoning administrator.

There is a separate code called Planned Institutional District – Housing and Supporting Services, or PID-HSS, for places providing housing and supportive services for the homeless.

"It would require a management plan that outlines how services are going to be provided, as well as a security plan to address any issues that might arise from that type of facility," said Flynn.

The code was enacted in 2012 and it requires places that serve the homeless to be at least 300 feet away from a residential area.

"There would be a neighborhood notification public hearings, ultimately a recommendation from the planning and zoning commission," said Flynn.

When Timothy's House of Hope was down on 4th street they didn't have to have the PID-HSS zoning because the service was there before the code was enacted.