People already vying for Bill Boom’s vacant Davenport council seat

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DAVENPORT-- The Davenport city council meeting began with the clerk calling the roll. But there's an empty chair and one missing name plate where Bill Boom's used to be.

"We're in some uncharted territory here," says Davenport Alderman Jason Gordon.

On Tuesday former Davenport alderman Bill Boom admitted to lying to a federal jury about a drug investigation at his house back in 2016. Hours later he resigned from council.

Now the question is, who fills the seat?

The city has two options.

They can hold a special election, which could cost taxpayers up to $30,000.

Or aldermen can appoint someone without public input. If they do this, 3rd ward voters have fourteen days to hold a referendum to proceed with a special election.

Alderman Gordon says the council needs to be careful if it appoints someone. That person shouldn't have an advantage when council elections are held this fall.

Aldermen say multiple people have come forward showing interest in the vacant position just hours after Boom's resignation.

"If you could find someone who has community respect, capable, well liked who would be willing to step in and has no intentions of running in November...I think that would be the most ideal situation," says Gordon.

Because right now, the situation is anything but ideal.

Council will meet in a work session next Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. to decide how to proceed forward.

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