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Fresno victims were targeted at random by killer, who police say wanted to kill as many white people as possible

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FRESNO, California– Three men were killed Tuesday all by the same gunman. Now, police are saying the killings were completely random and the gunman wanted to kill “as many white people as possible.”

One man was riding in a utility truck. Another had just picked up a bag of groceries. A third was in a local charity’s parking lot. All three are now dead.

Zackary Randalls was the first to die when Kori Ali Muhammad walked up to a Pacific Gas and Electric truck and opened fire on the passenger. Friends say Randalls had just started his new job as a customer-service representative and was doing a ride-along Tuesday. He was 34-years-old and left behind two preschoolers and a wife.

Mark Gassett had just picked up groceries at a Catholic Charities building when he was gunned down. He was 37-years-old.

And David Jackson was also gunned down in that charity’s parking lot. He was 58-years-old.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says the attacks were unprovoked.

Two Latina women and a child also crossed paths with Muhammad during the killing spree. The gunman reportedly pointed the gun at them as they sat in their car trying to escape, but he did not shoot.

Muhammad was arrested shortly after the deadly rampage. He is expected to be charged with four counts of first-degree murder– one for each of Tuesday’s three victims plus the slaying of a white Motel 6 security guard who was killed last week.