Disability doesn’t stop ‘DJ Alex’ from dropping a beat

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MOLINE - A Quad City DJ is making a name for himself in the music scene, but he's doing so while living with a disability.

Alex Lopez is a well-known face at The New Style Barbershop in Moline.

"I`ve known Alex for probably about seven, eight years. He was just a young kid coming in here and he was always talking about girls." said Miguel Rosas, who owns the shop.

On Fridays you can find Lopez helping out at the barbershop, but its Lopez's life outside the barbershop where he's making a name for himself in the Quad Cities.

He spends his weekend nights in places like the District in Rock Island or downtown Davenport.

"I basically started out messing with my computer," said Lopez.

That messing around started two years ago, he started DJing small gigs, mostly birthday parties.

"I started off doing like garages," said Lopez.

Lopez isn't your average 22-year-old, he has Cerebral Palsy. Its caused by abnormal brain development before birth, and often times it affects a person's ability to move, but Lopez has never let that get in the way.

"Many people have made fun of me, very much bullied me, but I`m not going to let that stop me at all," said Lopez.

"I think it`s something everyone else can look at and get you know inspired by," said Rosas.

Lopez's music and passion is what keeps his weekend's booked, but he hopes it's his story that will inspire others.

"Never stop, keep going and you`ll get there, I promise you you'll get there," said Lopez.


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