Moline PD release video of what happened during robbery at Genesis

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MOLINE - Moline police released video of what happened during a robbery in the parking lot at Genesis Medical Health Complex off 41st on April 12th.

The video shows Julie Calderon closely following another woman to her truck, that's when police said Calderon climbed into the truck just as her victim gets in.

"Then the suspect tries to rip the purse away and the suspect fights and they end up outside the truck and it was quite a battle," said Detective Scott Williams, Moline Police Department.

The scuffle then continued behind two cars in the parking lot.

"The victim was bloody but the suspect had hair pulled from her head and actually her pink sweater is ripped off of her during the struggle," said Williams.

The pink sweater is how police tracked Calderon through the complex, she was seen walking in and around the hallways.

"There's absolutely no doubt that she's an innocent victim, that this gal jumped in and kind of went crazy on her and ripped her purse away and the fight took place," said Williams.

It all happened within a matter of minutes, the video shows her white Ford Escape drive in at 2:03 p.m. and she's seen driving away at 2:08 p.m.

"We actually found a wallet and bits and pieces from the purse on 41st street, so as the suspect was driving away, she was going through the purse tossing stuff out the window," said Williams.

Detective Williams said they are also using this rare crime as a warning.

"Something like this, you think it's not gonna happen to you, but it can happen to you and when it happens it's fast and it's violent," said Williams.

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