Plant and garden expert gives advice on how to get a green lawn at a good price

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ROCK ISLAND- Taking care of the yard can be difficult when you're not sure how to get the job done.

WQAD's plant and garden expert specialist Craig Hignight says taking a walk in your yard is the best start.

"Walk around your yard before you ever start the entire process and maybe make a list.... do I need fertilizer, do I need fertilizer and mowing?" says Hignight.

He also says, it's not a bad idea to decide whether or not the task at hand is a job for the professionals, or is an easy 'do it yourself' project.

When the time comes to hire a landscaping company, get a good reference and  communicate exactly the services you need before they get to work, Hignight says that way you're not stuck paying for services you don't need.

Eric Gregg from Tee Time Lawn Care says, once you decide to call in the professionals they should tell you right away what you may, or may not need, especially when working with unpredictable weather .

" A lot of companies check the weather quite frequently, a lot of things are dictated by soil temperature and atmosphere temperature," says Gregg.

Once you think the job is done, Hignight says don't trust the work until you see it for yourself.