Local students and software company are changing the name of the game of virtual reality

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DAVENPORT-- If you look up virtual reality on Google you will most likely find video games like Minecraft, Star Wars and other thrilling games.

But virtual reality is not going to be all fun and games anymore.

A virtual reality software company called Eon Reality and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges(EICC) are teaming up to use virtual reality in business.

In earlier January EICC began training thirteen students through a partnership program called Eon Innovation Academy.

"We are creating content [...] just from shapes and bringing it to life," says senior student Verlee Washington.

They want to use virtual reality as a training tool for businesses in education,manufacturing and health.

Joshua Drake an Eon Training Project Manager says the cost of manufacturing using this technology could be cost-effective.

"They could just put on a head set and be able to learn how to assemble all those parts in a virtual environment without the large cost of prototyping," says Drake.

He says students in the medical field could learn medical procedures without using a patient or cadaver.

"We could also give a simulation to a surgeon using photo realistic lifelike images of various organs or veins, arteries, nerves, what not...to explore and learn how to manipulate."

Drake says studies show virtual reality training helps people retain information better, expanding the novelty of virtual reality from playtime to practical.






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