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How to make perfect hard-boiled eggs and turn them into less-fatty deviled eggs

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Hard boiled eggs are an Easter staple.  Here's how to make them easier to peel and less fatty in your favorite deviled egg recipe.

Tip No. 1 - Buy your eggs two weeks before use.  All eggs have a little air pocket inside them.  As eggs sit, proteins start to shrink, making that air pocket bigger.  Ultimately the more air inside the shell, the easier they are to peel.

Tip No. 2 - Keep it simple when hard boiling. All you have to do is put your eggs in a pot and fill it with cold water. Put it on the stove and let the water come to a boil.  As soon as the water comes to a boil, remove the pot from the heat, and put the lid on. Done.

Tip No. 3 - Substitute plain Greek yogurt for mayonnaise when making deviled eggs.  That's it. Use your same tried-and-true recipe, but substitute Greek yogurt for your mayonnaise.

Tip No. 4 - Throw your deviled egg yolk mixture into a plastic baggie.  Push the mixture to a corner, snip the corner off and pipe your mixture into the eggs.  This a.) saves you from washing 2 spoons and b.) comes out much cleaner and prettier.

Tip No. 5 - Use leftover deviled eggs for egg salad. Mash them up and add celery for an extra crunch.


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